A mix of both privately owned houses and apartments set on one of Thailand’s most idyllic beaches. A place far removed from the mass tourism of Bangkok and Phuket.

New Nordic Coral Beach units are not only villas and condominiums, but it is also a full serviced holiday center for all inhabitants and visitors.

Blending in beautifully with the natural surroundings, the development will consist of three story apartment buildings along with bespoke detached homes.
With a firm commitment in keeping the project green, vast areas of the landscape will remain untouched. Therefore both residents and visitors alike can enjoy both the large expansion of vegetation and stunning white sandy beach, as nature intended. All restaurants, pools, and other facilities will be cleverly integrated into the existing environment, thus producing one of the most stylish and desirable complexes in the whole of Thailand.

Our units can also be bought as an investment, where we offer to lease the apartment back from you on a 10 year lease, and promise you a guaranteed 10% p.a return on your purchase.
This is an unique opportunity to get your investment back, and most of our customers are choosing this option

Our company has been developing almost 80 projects in Thailand and Asia for the last 8 years and has more than 800 employees and more than 300 construction workers. It is a safe and guaranteed way to get your investment back and we have kept our customers rental guarantees since the beginning.

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